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Pasta Evangelists Review

Making good fresh pasta is an art in itself – there are hundreds of varieties available in a multitude of shapes, showcasing many different techniques. And love for the art of pasta making is why Pasta Evangelists was founded. It exists to exhibit the beauty of fresh pasta and make it accessible to everyone at home.

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What is Pasta Evangelists?

Pasta Evangelists is in essence a recipe box service, similar to the likes of Hello Fresh, Gousto, etc. But rather than providing a large range of different cuisines and types of food, it focuses purely on pasta.

The service allows customers to enjoy some of the finest pasta available in the UK, delivered to their doors. This is accompanied by the necessary sauces, garnishes and instructions to make the chosen meals.

Founded in 2017, the service is relatively new, but has already by endorsed by renowned food critics including Giles Coren and William Sitwell, as well as celebrity chef and broadcaster Prue Leith. In fact, the service has proven so popular it’s now also available in Harrods’ food hall.

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How Does Pasta Evangelists Work?

Ordering with Pasta Evangelists is quick and easy. You simply visit the website, click shop now and choose your dishes. You’ll then be asked to create an account and pay.

Ten different pasta dishes are available per week and you can select recipes for the next three weeks if desired. It is also possible to subscribe to Pasta Evangelists to save money and enjoy delicious fresh pasta on an ongoing basis.

Recipe boxes – containing the pasta, instructions, sauces and garnishes – are delivered direct to your door and the meals can be prepared in five minutes.

Advantageously, you don’t need to be in for the deliveries either. The boxes are designed to fit through a letter box and include cooling ice packs and insulation, which will keep the ingredients fresh until you get back home.

Once it has arrived, the pasta should ideally only be kept in the fridge for a day. So, if your delivery arrives on Wednesday, you should be eating your pasta for your Thursday dinner at the latest. That said, you can also freeze your pasta once delivered, extending its shelf life to a month.

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Pasta Evangelists Meal Plans

Unlike other meal delivery services, there are no meal plans with Pasta Evangelists as such. You can just choose the dishes that you want over the next couple of weeks and they’ll be delivered to you on a weekly basis.

Alternatively, with a subscription, you can arrange for pasta to be delivered every 1 – 4 weeks and choose your preferred recipes online. If you don’t choose any, you’ll be sent the chef’s selection; you can also request to not receive certain types of food, such as meat and fish if you’re vegetarian.

There isn’t a limit on the maximum number of dishes you can order in a week, so if you want to order 20 meals you certainly can! Although, as previously mentioned, there are only ten recipes available each week and the pasta needs to be consumed in one day (or one month if freezing). The minimum order size is two.

Dishes are available in ‘Grande’ if required, which are 30% larger in size and 25% more expensive. Encouragingly, those who are gluten-free can also use the service – a different gluten free option is on the menu every week.

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Pasta Evangelists Sample Recipes

Fettucine with Spicy 'Nduja Sausage and Parmigiano Reggiano
Cavatelli with Courgette & Mint Pesto, Chilli and Parmigiano Reggiano
Giant Conchiglioni Al Forno Spinach Ricotta Parmesan Crust
Giant Conchiglioni al Forno with Spinach, Ricotta & a Parmesan Crust
Lobster Crab Tortelloni with Lemon Pangrattato
Lobster & Crab Tortelloni with Lemon Pangrattato, Samphire & Sage Butter
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How Much Does Pasta Evangelists Cost?

Meals typically cost between £7 – £11, depending on the ingredients used (expect to pay more for recipes using expensive seafood like lobster). For Grande potion sizes, the price is in the region of £9 – £13.

It should be noted that a standard meal is per person, not for two like many services. One meal designed for 2 – 3 is available per week, or you’ll need to order multiples of the same dish.

Delivery is free on orders over £20 and for subscribers, otherwise a small fee of £2.50 applies.

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Pasta Evangelists FAQs

Where Does Pasta Evangelists Deliver?

Pasta Evangelists delivers all over the UK. However, those living in Non-mainland UK or the Scottish Highlands aren’t eligible for Sunday deliveries.

When Does Pasta Evangelists Deliver?

Pasta Evangelists delivers seven days a week, but only to central London addresses on bank holidays. Deliveries are completed by 18:30 each day, with those living outside of Zone 3 in London being given a one hour time slot by the courier on the morning of the delivery.

What If I'm Not Home for the Pasta Evangelists Delivery?

Not to worry. Pasta Evangelists use ice packs and natural wool as insulation. If you live in London, the boxes will be small enough to fit through your letterbox. For those outside of London, recipe boxes will be left in a safe space if you are not at home. This can be specified when ordering your box.

Do Pasta Evangelists have vegetarian or vegan dishes?

Yes, they do! They are marked with a (VE.) or (V.) and are available on a weekly basis.

Do Pasta Evangelists have Gluten Free options?

Absolutely. One is available each week and clearly marked as such on the website.

How Large Are Pasta Evangelists’ Portion Sizes?

Portion sizes are reasonable and ordered per portion. For more than one person, you will need to order multiples of the same dish. You can increase the portion size by 30% by selecting a ‘Grande’ meal.

Is Pasta Evangelists Easy to Cancel?

Yes. Subscriptions can be cancelled or paused for as long as you want via your online account. You can also increase or decrease the delivery frequency.

Is Pasta Evangelists’ Packaging Recyclable?

Pasta Evangelists have fantastic eco credentials and a real focus on sustainability. In fact, they have committed to achieve packaging that is 100% non-plastic by 2021.

All of the existing packaging can be recycled aside from the ice packs, which can be kept and reused. The wool insulation used is biodegradable and can be put on the compost heap.

They also have a returns scheme, so packaging can be sent back for free to be reused, including the ice packs.

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Pasta Evangelists Pros & Cons

  • Incredibly high-quality ingredients
  • Delicious meals that take minutes to prepare
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Premium ingredients come with a premium price tag, especially if ordering for multiple people
  • Relatively small portion sizes for the money
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Pasta Evangelists Rating

Choice of meals
Value for money
Quality of ingredients
Nutritional value
Portion size
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Pasta Evangelists Overall Rating

Overall Rating
8.8 Total Score

User Rating: 4.4 (5 votes)

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