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Hello Fresh Review

Hello Fresh has grown fast since it was first introduced to the world in 2011. It is now the largest meal kit company in America, and it is increasing in popularity across the western world, notably in countries such as Canada, Germany, and the UK. Its purpose is to deliver affordable, tasty meal kits that ensure customers are able to cook fresh, healthy meals at home regardless of their skill level in the kitchen.

Hello Fresh Recipe Box and ingredients

What is Hello Fresh?

The idea behind Hello Fresh is for healthy, fresh ingredients to be delivered to your door each week, ideal for those who don’t have a lot of time and therefore tend to buy takeaways or use microwave meals more often than they should, or for those who don’t feel confident cooking with fresh ingredients to make dishes from scratch. Or both. Since there is no prep time involved with Hello Fresh because it is all done for you, and since it comes with complete instructions that even the most nervous cook can follow easily, it means that you and your family can enjoy tasty food that is good for you.

Using Hello Fresh means that you can do away with the time consuming job of planning every meal and shopping for specific ingredients and still have food that is healthy and nutritious.

Hello Fresh was founded in 2011 in Berlin. It was started by Thomas Griesel, Dominik Richter, and Jessica Nilsson. Right at the start, the packages of fresh ingredients and cooking instructions were delivered by hand, but by early 2012 the company had expanded into new countries and different territories, and by 2014 Hello Fresh estimated it had over one million deliveries going out each month.

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How Does Hello Fresh Work?

Hello Fresh uses a simple model to ensure that deliveries are made quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction. Users just need to signup via the website, providing an email address and of course their payment information. At this point, you can select the type of box you want to have delivered (more on this later) and select the number of people it is going to feed. You can also choose the day of the week that it is delivered.

The fresh ingredients are then delivered as per your instructions, along with the recipe cards needed to create the dishes. You get to choose your boxes which means you are in control of the kinds of food you have delivered, the portion sizes, the number of calories, the ease of the dish to make, the time it will take, and more. You can even skip a week (or more) if you need to, making it a completely flexible option for those looking for something different and simple for dinner.

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Hello Fresh Meal Plans

There are three different types of Hello Fresh meal plan boxes called the ‘classic’, ‘family’, and ‘rapid’. The names of each box are a good description of what they entail, so it is an easy task to pick the type that is going to suit you best. Within each type of box there are a number of other options, so you’ll very rarely have a problem finding something you – and the rest of your family if you are cooking for more than one – are going to like.

Once you know which box you want, you can then select your desired size. This will differ from customer to customer depending on how many people live in the household, for example, and what your schedule is (after all, there may be some evenings when not everyone is going to be home for dinner). You will also have the opportunity to choose how many nights you want to cook using Hello Fresh (from three to five).

Choosing what goes into your box is another decision you’ll need to make. You can use Hello Fresh’s app or their website to make your choices, as long as it is done by the midnight on the Wednesday before your boxes are due to be delivered. You can choose the food you have by ingredients, cuisine, or their ease to cook.

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Hello Fresh Sample Recipes

Chermoula Spiced Chicken Recipe
Chermoula Spiced Chicken
Sweet Potato Coconut Dhal Recipe
Sweet Potato Coconut Dal
Posh Dogs Recipe
Posh Dogs
Soy Honey Parcel Recipe
Soy & Honey Salmon Parcel
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How Much Does Hello Fresh Cost?

Classic & Rapid Box

Number of Recipes Recipe Box Price Cost Per Portion
3 £30.00 £5.00
4 £34.96 £4.37
5 £42.00 £4.20

Family Box

Number of Recipes Recipe Box Price Cost Per Portion
3 £45.96 £3.83
4 £55.04 £3.44
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Hello Fresh FAQs

Where does Hello Fresh deliver?

Hello Fresh currently delivers to all of the UK mainland, as well as Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Wight, and Northern Ireland. They are constantly looking to expand their delivery areas, so it is worth keeping an eye on their website for updates.

When Does Hello Fresh deliver?

Hello Fresh delivers once a week. You may be able to choose a delivery day, depending on where you live. Otherwise, your account will contain all of the delivery information you need – if you’re not in, your Hello Fresh box will be left in a safe place, so you don’t need to worry.

How Is The Hello Fresh Box Packed?

Hello Fresh ensure that all chilled products are delivered in packaging that has special cooling technology included. Any non-meat and non-dairy products are packed in individual bags, depending on the recipes ordered. Also included in the box is a recipe card with easy to follow instructions.

Do Hello Fresh Provide All of the Ingredients?

Although most ingredients will be delivered to you, there are some ‘store cupboard’ items that you will need in order to cook your meals. These are: butter, pepper, salt, oil, sugar.

Does Hello Fresh Offer A Box For One Person?

As it stands, Hello Fresh does not offer a recipe box for one person.

What Is Hello Fresh Doing To Reduce Plastic Usage?

Hello Fresh is striving to reduce the overall use of plastic within the company – plastic trays have been swapped for ‘skin packs’, for example. The majority of the plastic that is still used can be recycled.

Is Hello Fresh Easy to Cancel?

Yes. To cancel, all you need to do is log into the account area, click the box under ‘Subscription Info’ and then select ‘Cancel my Subscription’. It is worth noting that this needs to be done by midnight on the previous Wednesday, or you will still receive your next box.

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Hello fresh Pros & Cons

  • Simple recipes with step by step instructions
  • Complete control over the ingredients and meal choices
  • Huge variety of meals available
  • No discount offered on larger orders
  • Some prep still required for many recipes
  • No boxes available for those living alone
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Hello Fresh Rating

Choice of meals
Value for money
Quality of ingredients
Nutritional value
Portion size
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Hello Fresh Overall Rating

Overall Rating
9.5 Total Score

User Rating: 4.75 (4 votes)

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