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Bodychef’s story began in 2003, when they began offering their services to a few select clients. 16 years later, they now deliver thousands of meals a week, providing their loyal customer-base with delicious, fresh and nutritionally balanced meals that help them lose weight.

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What is Bodychef?

Bodychef is a meal delivery service designed for dieters. Unlike recipe box services which provide ingredients and instructions, Bodychef prepares the food too, so customers just need to reheat and enjoy their prepared meals.

Core to Bodychef’s ethos is the belief that everyone is unique; we all have different lifestyles and different needs. So they build flexibility into every plan, allowing customers to specify their daily calories, dietary requirements and even their preferred cuisines. 

Bodychef’s in-house nutritional experts design all of their plans – incorporating the preferences specified –  to ensure they are perfectly aligned with the specific customers goals, whilst also tasting great.

Losing weight is hard, so Bodychef also provide support for their clientele. You can contact them via phone and email with any questions you may have, for the duration of your weight-loss plan.

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How Does Bodychef Work?

When starting with Bodychef, the first step for customers is to choose from their range of 25 different plans. To begin, you are asked what your goals are; are you trying to eat less, eat healthily or something specialist? Once you’ve specified your overall objective when using the service, you can then select your individual dietary preferences from a range including:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Low carb
  • Keto
  • Paleo
  • Halal
  • Low sugar
  • Low GI

During the signup process Bodychef also ask for a few details including your height, weight and activity levels. This allows them to provide a diet report which lists your BMI, maintenance calories, healthy total weight loss and suggested calorie level. You can also see your predicted weight loss over time and ‘weigh-in’ to track your progress.

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Before ordering, you can also personalise your plan further by specifying any foods you are allergic to, or excluding any foods/ingredients you simply don’t like.


Initially this looks like you have to exclude certain food groups – which seems perfectly reasonable – but you can actually get a lot more granular than this. Love green olives but hate black? Not a problem with Bodychef.


Once you’ve finished personalising your plan, you can sit back and relax. Bodychef will prepare all of your food for you, to your exact specifications, with everything clearly labelled (just in case you want to check). The default plan comes with breakfast, lunch and dinner (including a dessert) and snacks for 7 days, although you can change this to a 5 day plan or change the number of meals you receive per day.

All of the meals are freshly prepared and delivered to your door (or office), twice a week, seven days per week.

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Bodychef Sample Recipes

Lamb Rogan Josh
Bangkok Chicken and Noodle
Chilli Ginger Tofu Served with Slaw
Mackerel Broccoli Caper Salad
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How Much Does Bodychef Cost?

Prices at Bodychef depend on the calorie level and the amount of days/meals you order for. Changing the plan itself doesn’t seem to affect the price; the vegan/vegetarian plans, for example, appeared to cost the same as those containing meat.

1000 Calories (All Meals)

Days Price Daily Cost
3 £47.94 £15.98
4 £63.92 £15.98
5 £79.90 £15.98
7 £111.86 £15.98

2000 Calories (All Meals)

Days Price Daily
3 £62.94 £20.98
4 £83.92 £20.98
5 £104.90 £20.98
7 £146.86 £20.98

2500 Calories (All Meals)

Days Price Daily Cost
3 £74.98 £24.98
4 £99.92 £24.98
5 £124.90 £24.98
7 £174.86 £24.98
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Bodychef FAQs

Where does Bodychef deliver?

Bodychef delivers nationwide – to anywhere in mainland Britain – with the exception of a handful of postcodes in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. A list of these postcodes can be found here.

If you live close to London, Bodychef use their own couriers.

When is Bodychef delivered?

Bodychef delivers twice per week, seven days a week. Customers are notified of their delivery dispatch and the estimated delivery times. 

Do I Need To Be Home for my Bodychef Delivery?

No, you don’t need to be home for your Bodychef delivery. The deliveries come in a chilled, well insulated hamper and will be left in a secure place, which you can designate within your account settings.

How Large Are Bodychef’s Portion Sizes?

That depends on the calorie level you select for your plan. Bodychef give some recommendations within the ‘diet report’ section of your profile. This is 500 calories lower than maintenance how many calories you would have to eat to maintain your existing weight  which is considered a safe rate for weight loss. 

How Fresh Are the Meals From Bodychef?

Very! They’re delivered twice a week to ensure they’re as fresh as possible.

Is Bodychef Easy to Cancel?

You can pause Bodychef or cancel your next delivery at any time via the online account portal, provided they have not started preparing your hamper. Typically this means you need to cancel 2-3 days in advance, depending on your location.

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Bodychef Pros & Cons

  • The degree of customisation available is unrivaled
  • All meals are prepared for you
  • Emphasis on the freshness of meals and quality of ingredients
  • Diet support offered as a part of the service
  • No price discount for vegetarian or vegan meals
  • No discount for committing to a longer-term subscription
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Bodychef Rating

Choice of meals
Value for money
Quality of ingredients
Nutritional value
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Bodychef Overall Rating

Overall Rating
10 Total Score

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