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Manchester-based Balance Meals was launched in early 2018 by 3 founders: Jem, Faith and Joe. Such was the success of their service that within 10 months, they’d moved from cooking within their parents’ houses to a 2500 square foot commercial kitchen – an achievement made possible by making an incredible 25,000 meals in just 8 months.
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What is Balance Meals?

Balance Meals is a delivery service designed to make healthy, delicious meals accessible to anyone. They do this by supplying their customers with nutritionally balanced meals that boost focus and energy levels, providing them with the fuel they need to be their best selves.

Balance Meals believe the key to successful nutrition is consistency, something that is easier to attain when you are enjoying varied meals that are packed full of flavour. To achieve this, they take inspiration from a diverse range of different cuisines and only use the highest quality suppliers and freshest ingredients.

Nutrition is always kept in mind when Balance Meals are designing their menus, but without flavour being sacrificed. They are completely transparent about what goes into their meals, with all of the ingredients and nutritional information listed on their website.

All of the meals are pre-cooked and individually packaged, and can either be eaten cold or heated up in a pan or microwave. This removes a lot of the hassle from maintaining a healthy diet, as no planning, shopping, or preparation is required. You get all of the convenience of a takeaway, without any of the guilt.

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How Does Balance Meals Work?

To get started with Balance Meals, you first need to choose your preferred plan depending upon your goals. The current plans offered are as follows:
  1. Trim and slim: leaner meals for those who are looking to lose weight. Lower levels of carbohydrates but more fats — helping to ensure you stay feeling full! — and a good amount of protein.
  2. Maintain and sustain: normal-sized meals designed to help you maintain your current weight and performance levels. If you are looking for a balanced, healthy meal plan, then this is an excellent choice.
  3. Grow and gain: bigger meals to support an intense training regime or an active lifestyle. This plan is high in protein, perfect for those looking to put on lean muscle mass, as well as being high in carbs for an extra energy boost.
  4. Power and plants: a balanced plan for vegans, including plenty of plant-based protein (which can often be a challenge with vegan diets).
  5. Balance plan: An alternative maintenance plan available at a lower price point. This plan only includes 2 meals per day (lunch and dinner) and a snack (the other plans also include breakfast).
After selecting a plan, you can choose the week you want to start the service and move on to picking your meals. Balance provides a huge variety of choice here, with 11 breakfasts, 12 lunches, 17 dinners and 4 snacks available at the time of our review – and the menu changes regularly. balance meal choices After you’ve made your choices for the week, you can pay online via Stripe, Paypal, or in installments using Klarna. The meals are prepared and delivered nationwide for free, twice a week. This twice-weekly schedule is important because the meals are never frozen to retain taste, so this helps ensure that they’re as fresh as possible. Balance Meals also offer bespoke plans, so get in touch if you can’t find a plan that works for you listed on the website.
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Balance Meals Sample Recipes

Smoked Salmon Bagel
Smoked Salmon Bagel
Shredded Seabass Potato Curry
Shredded Seabass Potato Curry
Chicken Katsu
Chicken Katsu
Teriyaki Noodles
Teriyaki Noodles
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How Much Does Balance Meals Cost?

Balance meals’ prices largely depend on portion size. The exception to this is the Balance Plan, which only includes 2 meals per day (breakfast isn’t included). All plans provide food for 5 days per week and come with a snack.

Balance - Meal Plan Price Comparison

Plan Meals Per Day Cost Per Week Cost Per Day Cost Per Meal Portion Size
Trim & Slim 3 £120 £24 £8 Small
Maintain & Sustain 3 £135 £27 £9 Regular
Grow & Gain 3 £150 £30 £10 Large
Power & Plants (ve) 3 £120 £24 £8 Large
Balance Plan 2 £99 £20 £10 Regular
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Balance Meals FAQs

Where does Balance Meals deliver?

Balance meals include free, nationwide delivery within the price of their meal plans.

When is Balance Meals delivered?

To make sure the food is as fresh as possible, Balance Meals does 2 deliveries per week. The first delivery is on a Sunday and includes all of the meals for Monday – Wednesday. Delivery 2 is on Wednesday and contains the food for Thursday and Friday. Deliveries can be made at anytime between 9am – 6pm, with a 1 hour timeslot being provided by the courier via text or email on the morning of the delivery. 

Do I Need To Be Home for my Balance Meals Delivery?

Deliveries are ‘signed for’ because they contain perishable goods, but they can be left in a secure place by the courier if you’re out. All of the boxes are chilled by ice packs and are well-insulated.

It is also possible to specify multiple addresses for the 2 deliveries. So, as an example, you could get the Sunday delivery to your home and the Wednesday delivery to your work. Delivery addresses can be changed with 3 working days notice. 

Is Balance Meals’ Packaging Recyclable?

Yes! Balance Meals are one of the few meal delivery services that offer 100% recyclable packaging. The plastic containers and labels used are made out of polypropylene, which is widely recycled and has a lower carbon footprint than Polyethylene. Cardboard is used for the insolation, stuffing and box, and the ice pack can either be reused or cut open, drained and recycled. 

How Ethical and Sustainable are Balance Meals?

Balance Meals have a partnership with Foodinate, a social enterprise helping to tackle food poverty. For every full-price meal you order, Balance will provide another for a local person in need.

The protein sources they use are all higher welfare and the company is signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment. Salmon is RSPCA certified and other fish can be traced directly to source.

How Large Are Balance Meals’ Portion Sizes?

Meal sizes depend on the plan that you choose. The trim and slim plan is intended for people who are trying to lose weight, so portion sizes will be smaller. On the flip side, the grow and gain plan has larger meals for individuals trying to put on mass or who lead very active lifestyles. The Maintain and sustain and balance plans sit in between the two.

How Fresh Are the Meals From Balance?

Extremely fresh. Meals are never frozen and are delivered twice-weekly.

Is Balance Meals Easy to Cancel?

Balance Meals has no minimum commitment period or contract. You can cancel anytime (via email) and also skip weeks if you’re away. Cancellations need to be made 3 full working days in advance of your next delivery.
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Balance Meals Pros & Cons

  • Meals come fully prepared, with zero cooking required
  • The packaging used is 100% recyclable 
  • Ethical suppliers and high-quality ingredients used
  • A massive array of meals available
  • Twice-weekly delivery ensures ingredients are super fresh
  • Bespoke plans available on request
  • Good payment options, including Paypal and Klarna
  • No discounts are given for longer-term subscriptions
  • Adhoc menu changes have to be done via email, due to limited online platform
  • Cancellation also has to be done over email
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Balance Meals Rating

Choice of meals
Value for money
Quality of ingredients
Nutritional value
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Balance Meals Overall Rating

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