AllPlants Review

Allplants was born out of the passion of brothers JP and Alex who loved the idea of eating just plant-based foods, but who couldn’t find delicious, nutritious, interesting dishes to feed their desire. They came up with Allplants to enable everyone a chance to live the vegan lifestyle without having to spend hours searching for tasty food or spend a lot of money getting the ingredients.

Allplants review

What is Allplants?

There has been a push recently to encourage us to eat more plant-based foods, and the term ‘flexitarian’ is gaining momentum. It basically means that even full-time meat eaters should try to have at least one or two days a week where they don’t eat meat. Better for the planet and better for your health, it’s a good way to start. Yet the problem has always been not the idea – which is a good one – but the execution. Going vegetarian or vegan surely means that your meal choices are limited and, ultimately, boring?

Perhaps that was so in the past, but these days things have changed, and there has been a revolution in vegan cuisine. Allplants is at the forefront of these changes. The dishes included in this meal plan are all created by a professional chef, and they are different and exciting – not your usual veggie fare.

Allplants is not like other meal subscription services in that you don’t have to do any work at all. Rather than sending you a box of ingredients for you to put together, Allplants is really a frozen ready meal service, although much higher class than the ones you might normally find in a supermarket.

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How Does Allplants Work?

Each meal plan with Allplants consists of six meals. The first job any customer needs to do is pick which six they want. At the moment there are over 22 meals to choose from. Once you build your box, you can choose the right date for it to be sent to you. This is a hugely flexible option ensuring that you receive your food when you want it. If you’re not in, however, nothing should go wrong as although these are frozen meals they are packed in cool boxes and can wait for you to get home if need be. When you want a break, you can pause your plan quickly and easily. If you really can’t make a choice, then you can opt for the chef’s delivery box. You’ll be sent a selection of the most popular dishes to try. Every meal will arrive frozen and can be cooked either in the oven or microwave when you’re ready to eat. The portion sizes are generous, and the suggestion is that the main course could be shared between four people if you add side dishes or bulk up the vegetables.
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Allplants Meal Plans

As mentioned above, there are no ‘meal plans’ with Allplants; rather you choose the dishes that you fancy and have them delivered to cook when you are ready. There are no options other than picking six meals for your delivery, but since they are frozen they will last for some time, so even if you are choosing your meals because one night a week you work late and don’t want to cook when you get home, for example, you can still use Allplants. When ordering your food, you can opt for either single or double portions.
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Allplants Sample Recipes

Rainbow Falafel Mezze
Rainbow Falafel Mezze
Smoky Soul Chilli
Smoky Soul Chilli
Teriyaki Udon
Teriyaki Udon
Rigatoni Carbonara
Rigatoni Carbonara
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How Much Does Allplants Cost?

For the single serving box of six meals it is £46.02 per box, or £40.50 if you sign up for the subscription service. For the double serving it is £68.04, or £59.88 for the subscription option. For the single serving box, this works out at £6.75 per portion with a subscription, or £4.99 for the double serving box. Without, the prices increase to £7.67 per portion for the single serving box and £5.67 for the double. Delivery is free and takes place on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. You can have your box delivered at the weekend for an additional charge of £2.50.
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Allplants FAQs

What are the portion sizes?

Portion sizes are either double (760g) or single (380g).

Do you have to subscribe to Allplants?

You don’t have to subscribe to Allplants in order to enjoy the kits. It’s easy to place a one-off order as and when, but if you do want to subscribe and not have to think too much about it, that’s an option too.

How nutritious are the dishes?

Allplants is naturally healthy, and every dish is low in sugar and is a good source of protein. The aim is that every meal will provide you with at least two of your five a day, and sometimes more.

All the ingredients and the nutritional information is located on the website so you can make an informed choice when organising your meal boxes.

What happens if no one is home for delivery?

The contents of the delivered boxes can stay cool until 10pm due to the special insulating packaging used (which is also recyclable and partly compostable). This means that even if no one is home the food can be delivered and when you come back you can simply pop it into the freezer.

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Allplants Pros & Cons

  • Massively convenient, whether you are dabbling in veganism or fully committed
  • All of the packaging sent by Allplants is 100 percent recyclable
  • Having the entire meal delivered to you reduces your waste
  • The food is frozen, so no preservatives are needed
  • Not a huge amount of choice when it comes to the meals on offer
  • Relatively expensive. The dishes work out at roughly £6.75 per meal if you are subscribing to the single serving box
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Allplants Rating

Choice of meals
Value for money
Quality of ingredients
Nutritional value
Portion size
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Allplants Overall Rating

Overall Rating
9 Total Score

User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)

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